Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Breakfast Lovin'

A healthy, high-protein, refined-carb-free start to your day!

Wack the Jack Johnson on full volume and get making these oh-so-simple yet delicious banana
pancakes! So there are JUST TWO ingredients in these pancakes. Yes, I know, hard to believe.
I was doubtful myself when my friend told me to simply blend 2 eggs with a banana. I mean,
surely that creates some sort of off-putting banana omelette? No my friends. It does not. I
urge you to give this a go. Top with whatever takes your fancy on that particular morning. My
personal favorite is Greek yogurt, blueberries and honey. Spot on.

2 x Large free-range eggs
1 x Banana (a good sized one)
A dash of cinnamon (optional, I like it)

That's it folks.
Pancakes, Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Honey. 
I love lazy breakfasts. 

1. Simply use a hand blender to whizz the above ingredients together until you have a
smooth batter.
2. Heat a frying pan over a medium-high heat - add some butter or coconut oil to the pan
and pour roughly half the mixture into the pan to make a good sized pancake.
Note: These don’t take long to cook so be careful not to burn them, simply flip the
pancake using a spatula after a couple of minutes to ensure both sides are cooked.
3. Repeat this with the rest of the mixture. It’s up to you how you do it- one massive
pancake, four little ones or a couple of standard ones. I usually make 2 or 3 - but this in
part depends on the size of your eggs/banana.

Topping Ideas:
● Greek yogurt, blueberries, honey/maple syrup.
● Whipped butter and maple syrup (cheeky).
● Crispy bacon and maple syrup
● Not-so-naughty chocolate sauce (recipe to follow) and greek yogurt

Happy Days!!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Autumn is definitely upon us...

The Gardener's Cottage at Tatton Park

In the Gardens
A timely escape to the countryside! I love living in central Manchester, but sometimes an adventure to some rural fresh air is a blessing. I headed to Tatton Park, a National Trust property - and somewhere I've been meaning to visit for a long time! As the parents were visiting, I seized the opportunity to take advantage of their car. We took a risk with the weather (October can be unpredictable at best) - but we were very fortunate in the end. That crisp British autumnal weather, crunching leaves beneath the foot, the fresh chill of the air awakening the soul and the comfort of the coffee break that invariably follows are key components to some of my favourite lazy weekend days. Once the cobwebs had been blown away and the garden wandering sufficiently exhausted, coffee was of course compulsory. We retreated to 'The Gardener's Cottage'.

Inside the house itself (not the cafe) - this was part of the servant's quarters

The menu includes traditional lunch and afternoon tea favourites. Fresh cakes are baked daily and looked awesome, and come in considerable sized slices! I couldn't manage cake as I had had a massive breakfast at Home Sweet Home. The cottage consists in three cute floors of quintessentially British rooms filled tastefully with wooden tables and delicate china for tea. There is a current trend to go for afternoon tea - this place seems like the proper job, although of course I can only comment on the coffee. 

They offer filter, espresso: latte and americano and an interesting selection of French press coffee of varying strength and origin. We each had a different one, they were all pleasant. The main attraction however, was of course the surroundings. A historic building set among the most beautiful countryside. A highly recommendable place for a weekend walk to escape the city and a charming cottage for coffee. There is also a market on at the moment with various Christmas gifts and local food, including Manchester honey and some delicious chocolate! 

I love autumnal days like these...