Saturday, 20 September 2014

'Mug' - A new place to chill.

There's a new coffee house in town called 'Mug'. I went for an americano on it's first day of opening. The prices are all really low, including the cake. Massive slices for £1.50! Seriously massive. Go check it out, have a chill and people watch in their window seats. It's a cool little place to have a pause from your busy day. My small americano was only £1.40. I don't think this place is quite the artisan coffee house serving up brews of the quality you'll find at Takk or North Tea Power, but it's certainly a pleasant addition to central Manchester. My friend had a large cappuccino, for me this was too milky and not strong enough. I always opt for a flat white if I'm going to have milk, however, the coffee flavour was pleasant enough. If you're craving a big wedge of chocolate cake and a large hot milky beverage - Mug will sort you out for a total of £3.50. They also had a tempting red velvet cake that day. Just as big.

That's a bit naughty isn't it.

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