Heya, this is my 'review' section. An ever-increasing collection of places that I've visited. Some are restaurants that I deem breaking all the 'rules' for and having a treat meal. I want to share these places with you, as if you're anything like me, if you're going to indulge, it has to be worth it. Some places I like to frequent for quite the opposite reason: that they provide tasty fresh food that fits perfectly in-line with my healthy diet.

Reds BBQ, Manchester - A treat indeed
I've come up with a rating system so that when you're in the mood to simply cut the crap, skip the detail and get on with it - you can take a glance and get a gist of my thoughts on the place. I'm dubious about giving the status of my review system as anything more than a snap-shot of my opinion. I'm not overly keen about having a 'leader-board' of eateries as it really depends on the purpose of the meal out! If you're after a cheap binge, where I'd recommend massively differs to those after a sophisticated luncheon with the mother.

Australasia, Manchester - succulent sophisitcation

Pretty much all of the places that I am going to be sharing with you are in Manchester or Bristol. I currently live in Manchester in order to study and to train (swimming), but my home town Bristol, which lies close to my heart is a culinary and cultural melting-pot if you ask me.

Most of these places are for those who love food, having a treat, but also watching their wallet. Here's not the place for documenting the latest Michelin star quest. I'm simply looking for beautifully cooked fresh food that excites me, that makes it worth the trip. An experience.

Follow the links below to specific reviews or navigate via the tags over on the right hand column.

My Rating System Explained



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