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Welcome fellow eaters,

The giraffe herself.
Giraffe? Because I'm the tall, slightly awkward and lanky sort. Hungry? Well obviously because I'm literally always hungry. I'm a full time competitive swimmer and just finished my degree in Spanish and Philosophy. I'm never bored, always pondering (usually about what next to fill my belly with). 

This is my lifestyle blog. I want to share with you my kitchen triumphs, my nutrition tips, my baking disasters and everything in between -because this stuff is important. Eating well, enjoying your food and getting an appropriate balance between everything that you're juggling in your busy life is crucial for your general well-being and happiness. I want to share with you my way of doing things so that hopefully you can learn something - different things work for different people but a lot of what I share can be stripped down into a set of universal maxims that could be useful for anyone really.

As a full-time athlete my lifestyle can be pretty extreme -a lot of training, early mornings and of course, eating. This blog is not a place to find reviews of bars, night-clubs and pubs. Instead I  tend to review places that I deem worth having a treat for (as I am predominantly a very clean eater) or places that do cater for my athlete-needs. It's the Manchester food-scene that I predominantly talk about as this is where I currently live - but I'm a Bristolean  at heart and so will write about my favourite places in my home-town Bristol as well. It's going to be a North-West vs. South-West kind of affair.

Thanks for dropping by, why not stay around for a while? By all means ask me questions and give me feedback. 

Comment below, or email me: rebeccaguy6@gmail.com

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