Sunday, 6 July 2014

Thoughts #1

Well, here it goes then. My first post. It seems appropriate to start, as they say, as I mean to go on. It is said that men think about sex every seven seconds. It's a statistic that is often bounced around, it's truth value is not clear cut within scientific research. However, the general notion that men basically think about sex most of the time is comparable to my relationship with food. I'd say I'm a reasonably (very) obsessive person - in a good way.

'Obsessive' is laden with negative connotations, but there's buckets of positive light to be shone on this particular attribute. What I'm trying to say is that just because I think about food alot does not mean its an unhealthy habit. Quite the opposite, my attitude is that eating is something we have to do in order to stay alive. There's no choice in the matter. So why not make it as fun as possible? Try new things, make it sociable, experiment - for me food is just as much about it's social and cultural dynamics as much as it is about biological survival. Having said that, as far as survival is concerned, why simply survive and merely get by when you can thrive? I want food to be fresh, tasty and exciting - yes; but that by no means involves sacrificing nutritional value.

Eat well, feel good, laugh often - you know all those quotes people like to splurge all over Pinterest- well some of them are totally true. (Some of them do make me internally wrench though). Balance is my mantra, it has been for a long time. Find that balance of clean eating and indulgence, of alone time and socialising, of exercise and rest - and you're in for a good ride. What and how I eat is an important part of my lifestyle choice as a whole. My diet sits nicely, in a firmly central position, within an energetic pace of life - I take joy in the little things and pride in looking after myself and trying to make myself the best athlete and more important, well-rounded individual, that I can be.

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