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Here's a place for me to explain to you what I've learnt about lifestyle and diet on my journey to becoming an international swimmer. What works for me may not work for you. We all have different shapes and needs. However, the general attitude I take is a healthy one that I believe would be liberating to most. I'm not a scientist. I'm not a nutritionist. I believe, simply, in fuelling my body with natural food, as little processed products as possible and minimal refined carbohydrate intake.

I'm a fan of Michael Pollen's work, and I think he's right promoting this: "Eat food. not too much. mainly plants." Clean eating is not boring. Its far from it. Most of the artificial crap that many are addicted aim to emulate the naturally sweet flavours such as dates. Refined confectionist provides short-lived highs. Tasting fresh food cooked right with an abundance of flavour complexity is an experience to be savoured.

Anyway, follow the links below (or navigate via tags on the right) for my musings, food-diaries, lifestyle tips, recipes and anything else upon your request! Don't be shy, you can ask me for advice/my views on whatever...

Thoughts #1 - My First Post
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