Thursday, 31 July 2014

Manchester Street Food

Street food has been quite a big thing in Manchester for some time now. Of course there's the almost food market in Picadilly gardens every Thurday, Friday, Saturday, but in addition there is currently a weekly street food fiesta taking place at the end of Tariff Street (Northern Quarter): 'Up in Your Grill'. In a very uninspiring location, the Up in Your Grill team have managed to transform the concrete drab into a weekend hit.  Every Friday and Saturday afternoon/night for 9 consecutive weeks there is craft beer to be drunk, a diversity of food to be tried and music from a terrace top DJ booth to be enjoyed. So far these urban party's have been especially awesome thanks to the spectacular sunshine. I took my nephews a couple of weeks back. I chose that particular Saturday as I knew that Mughli, the popular curry-mile restaurant were going to be providing delectable goods - something I didn't want to miss.

What Mughli brought to the party. Amongst other things.

I wasn't disappointed, the street food scene was a great place to people watch, spot the best hipster beard and munch my way through sweet potato-fries-themed everything. Mughli's sweet potato fries topped with some delicious mix of chilli and aubergine was a fab Saturday afternoon naughty snack. My nephews devoured a mountain of food provided by Solita, a firm Northern Quarter favourite. I can only presume that it tasted good if the time it took for the entirety to be consumed is anything to go by.

Anyway, if you're wondering what to do on Friday/Saturday, head down to Tariff Street - look for the posters and just keep on walking. The chances are you'll come across a burger bonanza that you won't regret.

The men behind Mughli

Follow @beatsreetmcr on twitter for the weekly line-ups. This Saturday its 'Diamond Dogs', 'Nikono', 'Solita' and 'The Real Sue Lee'. 

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